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Illegibilus - Courtney by yuina-chan Illegibilus - Courtney by yuina-chan

Submission for :iconillegibilus:

• Name: Courtney Blake

• Age: 16

• Gender: Male

• Height: 187 cm

• Weight: 78 kg

• Birthday: August 5th

• Nationality: British

• House: Gryffindor

• Year: Fifth

• Personality:

Gentlemen | Loyal | Brave | Stubborn | Laid back | Caring

Used to take care of his 3 baby little sisters, Courtney used to treat woman like the way he treats his sisters. Sometimes his female friends interpreted his actions as a romantic behaviour, which is completely wrong.

As a friend, he's loyal and always try his best to help his friends, not much of a talking machine, most of the time he just listen to whatever his friends' have in mind and give them his full attention. Once you gain his trust, he'll always be there for you.

His stubborness only come into surface whenever he tries to defend his actions which he thinks they're right, even though they're not always right.

Laid back
 "Why the rush? If what you're doing is important enough to warrant your time, you might as well enjoy it."  

He cares about his surroundings and will always try his best to help whenever it needed. 

• Background:

Born on August 5th in London, Courtney was raised by loving parents both gifted with magical abilities along with his three little sisters, Clara, Clementine, and Christa. Courtney is loved by his little sisters due to his caring personality, on his day off he's almost never seen without his sisters tagging along him clutching on his shirt.
Their father, Jonathan Blake, works as an auror while Annabel Blake,their mother, taking care of the family at home,

On the night of his eleventh birthday, his parents are away, leaving him and his sisters alone at home. His sisters are arguing and accidentally broke a family treasure vase, which made them devastated. Courtney came into the scene to find the broken vase and three of his little sisters crying. He tried to soothe his sisters by telling them that everything will be okay and he will fix the vase by himself. He then gathered all the pieces and put them inside a box, telling the little sisters that by the morning, the vase will be back to it's original form and told them to go back to their room. Inside his room, he sadly stares at the box, unable to find any solution to fix the poor vase, so he put his hands above the box, muttering something similiar to "Please back to your original form" and hesitantly opened the box only to find the vase on it's original form, without any scratch left.

Courtney's whole family background revolves around Gryffindor (father) and Ravenclaw (mother). 

In his 5 years of attending Hogwarts he has rejected many of love confessions, therefore he used to keep a distance from a woman whenever she started being suspiciously over-friendly. This usually leads to an event where he got a slap mark on his face. Up until now, he used to emphasize that he has no interest in romantic relationship because he's afraid he won't be a good partner and might end up hurting them deeply later, but we never know, right?

His morning ritual includes whispering sweet nothings to his beloved cat and mingles for about 20 minutes afterwards. 

Potions is his favourite and best subject since brewing is his only forte he has a lot of pride on.

He also loves to sing,

even though his singing voice is terrible.


Father: Jonathan Blake (pureblood wizard)
Mother: Annabel Blake (pureblood witch)
Sibling: Clara, Clementine, and Christa Blake 


+ chocolate frogs 
+ potions
+ puns
+ challenges
+ quidditch

- bertie botts
- people who talk way too much
- seaweed
- spicy foods


- Divination
- Care of Magical Creatures


- Magical Theory
- Ancient Studies


  • Lumos Charm - LumosLianglang, or Chhalla
    • Creates a bright light at the end of the caster's wand, which will persist until it is dismissed or specifically countered.
  • Repairing Charm - Reparo
    • Causes a broken object to piece itself back together. In the case of containers, this will not replace anything that was held within. Wands, and most other magical items, can not be repaired in this manner.
  • Ferula - Ferula
    • A simple medical spell, which bandages and splints a broken limb.
  • Stunning Spell - StupefyChecui, or Musphasqa
    • Debate rages as to whether this is a charm, a jinx, or a hex - but it is considered one of the basic dueling spells. It temporarily stuns an opponent, rendering them inert for a few precious seconds.
  • Protean Charm - Nonverbal
    • Allows magical copies of an object to be modified by modifying the original. 


Core: Phoenix Feather
Length: Twelve Inches
Wood: Hazel
Flexibility: Quite Flexible
(image reference:…

[ PET ]

Name: Lady Noir
Species: Black Cat
Gender: Female

A gift from his sisters to accompany him whenever he's alone. Lady Noir grown overly attached to him and have a tendency to scratch everybody who gets near Courtney closer than 30 cm.
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Nikae Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Student General Artist
Hello Courtney Blake, meet Zoey Blake;

Zoey: Blake? We're not somehow related... are we? :iconconfusedneplz:
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Hi! Hello! Welcome!

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Welcome to Illegibilus mang.
I hope to see you around.... o<--< //weeps in corner of shame
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Amg he is so cute and handsome at the same time :iconimdedplz: 

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